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Fish Tikka Gluten free

Soft white fish marinated with spices and grilled in the clay oven.
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Chicken Seekh Kabab Gluten free

Minced chicken, delicately flavored with ginger and barbecued on skewe...
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Achari Chicken

Achari Chicken Gluten free

Indian pickle-flavored marinated chicken with spices served with dipping...
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Chicken Tikka Gluten free

Marinated with Indian spices and yogurt cooked in tandoor.
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Tandoori Chicken Gluten free

Clay oven-roasted chicken marinated in yogurt. Cooked in tandoor.


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Amritsari Fish

Spiced deep-fried basa fish in chickpea batter.
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Chicken Malai Tikka Gluten free

Boneless chicken marinated in creamy mild sauce cooked in clay oven and...
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Chicken Wings (1 lb) Gluten free

One pound of deep-fried crispy chicken wings with vegetables.
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Hariyali Chicken Tikka Gluten free

Boneless chicken, herb, cilantro with spice, and yogurt in clay oven.
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Lamb Seekh Kabab Gluten free

Minced lamb, delicately flavored with ginger and barbecued on skewers.
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Tandoori Chicken Caesar Salad

Cubes of tandoori chicken toss with lettuce & caesar salad.
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Tandoori Shrimp Gluten free

Clay oven roasted shrimp marinated in yogurt and spices.
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Y Not Indian Mixed Grill

Y Not Indian Mixed Grill Gluten free

Try Y Not Indian's non-vegetable tandoori, chicken tikka, garlic prawn,...